Geology - Striped flint

It can be found only in one place on the earth – its mother ground is the Sandomierz area. In Neolithic Age it was be used for making axes of magic, cult, and ritual functions. It is the only know stone in its grain resembles a waterfall and when struck against another kindles a fire. Scientific theories link its afore – mentioned traits with its magical cult. Around 2 thousand years ago striped flint was excavated for this purpose in Krzemionki – Opatowskie. 
Its components are chalcedony and opal. Striped flint can boast of the three salient features of a jeweller’s stone – it is rare to be found, it is ornamental, and it is hard (6,5 in Mosh’s scale). The first to use it in jewellery was Cezary Łutowicz in 1972 and it has been a continuity of the magical relationship between man and stone.

Frequent exhibitions in Poland and abroad have strengthened the position of striped flint in jewellery in Poland, Germany, and Austria. After 4 thousand years of oblivion this stone is gradually regaining its position. It richly deserves its place among jeweller's stones.
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